Tyranny of Dragons - The Rise of Tiamat

Behind Bars

Session 5

Unable to locate the group Mara Messages Balasar and learns of their current predicament. She heads to the jail, meeting up with Jänis (and Jeffery) on the way. On reaching the jail it appears Balasar has been…making friends with the Axes of Mirabar. Araya’s paperwork secures the groups release with a recommendation to leave the city as soon as possible. The group meet Riaidon, Mara’s partner who lives in Mirabar. Returning to the tavern Mara and Janis learn what the others have been up to in the tunnels under the city. The group decide to heed the warning to leave the city and Riaidon says he has a contact at the docks who can get them into Luskan. Mara and Riaidon return home and the others spend the night in the tavern. The next morning the group begin their journey into Luskan after a brief yet somewhat eventful visit to Mirabar.


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