Tyranny of Dragons - The Rise of Tiamat

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Behind Bars
Session 5

Unable to locate the group Mara Messages Balasar and learns of their current predicament. She heads to the jail, meeting up with Jänis (and Jeffery) on the way. On reaching the jail it appears Balasar has been…making friends with the Axes of Mirabar. Araya’s paperwork secures the groups release with a recommendation to leave the city as soon as possible. The group meet Riaidon, Mara’s partner who lives in Mirabar. Returning to the tavern Mara and Janis learn what the others have been up to in the tunnels under the city. The group decide to heed the warning to leave the city and Riaidon says he has a contact at the docks who can get them into Luskan. Mara and Riaidon return home and the others spend the night in the tavern. The next morning the group begin their journey into Luskan after a brief yet somewhat eventful visit to Mirabar.

While the Cleric's Away
Session 4

The group arrive in Mirabar. Mara sees a group of people she recognises (and who recognise her) so she takes her leave to have a conversation with them, saying she will be alright and will return in due course. The rest of the team find lodgings for the night and share a glass of Neverwinter brandy to celebrate the success on the waterways. Balasar and Myfariel take their leave and retire whilst Willow and Janis continue to drink and Bartok indulges in a little nocturnal skullduggery. The following morning, there is still no sign of Mara although she Messages to say she is safe and will be back soon. A young lad approaches the group and says ‘The Book Lady wants to see you’ at the local temple. When the group arrive, The Book Lady seems to know a lot about the different members. She says there is a tome located in the chambers beneath the temple which needs to be retrieved and may aid us in our quest. All apart from Janis go to the passages below the temple and find an entrance to the chambers. In one room, there is a pedestal with a book on it. There are also two creatures (later discovered to be Mindflayers) who also want the book. They are despatched by the group and the book retrieved. However, on our way out of the passages, several of the Axes of Mirabar (the local police) stop the group. Despite their best attempts, Bartok, Balasar, Myfariel and Willow are arrested and put into separate cells.

Trouble on the Waterways
Session 3

On Nestra’s orders the group are given passage north on the waterways, an unusual cat hot on their heels. Bartok and Myfariel disable the initial trap but the group waiting in ambush trigger their next trap blocking the canal ahead. The group are set upon by the red dragonborn and his band of lizard folk and kobolds. The unusual cat becomes a gnome who proceeds to throw a bear into the fray! Balasar dissects the dragonborn and the party dispatch his followers who swarm in from both sides. The gnome introduces herself as Jänis and although happy to speak with Willow she is wary of the others. In exchange for our help Nestra arranges for us to travel to Mirabar immediately by teleportation circle.

The Journey Begins
Session 2

The remaining members of Araya’s Chargers meet Willow and Myfariel who have returned from Tallis’ lodge. No sooner have the group departed from The Piergeiron’s Palace when they are called out by a bone devil sent by Severin the Red seeking the return of the black dragon mask. A brief conversation takes place before the bone devil is forcibly returned to the nine hells by the group. Information is shared, private meetings attended, equipment redistributed and the group depart for Yatar. Admittance to the city is quickly agreed thanks to the Lord’s Alliance paperwork and an audience with the city Waterbaron results in a new quest. The group agree to find and stop a marauding group to the north led by a red dragonborn.

The Parting of Ways
Session 1

The members of Araya’s Chargers, recharged yet ill at ease by a mysterious malaise that has settled over Waterdeep, prepare to give testimony at the meeting of the Lord’s Alliance. Accounts are given and information is shared. There is much to do and time is of the essence. The Lord’s Alliance wants more information and asks the members of Araya’s Chargers to aid them in the endeavour. Three choices lay before them; journey north to glean knowledge about the Draakhorn, travel south to thwart the plans of Varram the White or step out into the unknown and seek out The Well of Dragons. Consideration is given, dice are cast and choices are made. The group will divide, Balasar, Bartok and Mara will travel north, Nick, Gweryn and Luna will journey to The Well of Dragons. There are preparations to be made and much work to be done…


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