Tyranny of Dragons - The Rise of Tiamat

The Parting of Ways

Session 1

The members of Araya’s Chargers, recharged yet ill at ease by a mysterious malaise that has settled over Waterdeep, prepare to give testimony at the meeting of the Lord’s Alliance. Accounts are given and information is shared. There is much to do and time is of the essence. The Lord’s Alliance wants more information and asks the members of Araya’s Chargers to aid them in the endeavour. Three choices lay before them; journey north to glean knowledge about the Draakhorn, travel south to thwart the plans of Varram the White or step out into the unknown and seek out The Well of Dragons. Consideration is given, dice are cast and choices are made. The group will divide, Balasar, Bartok and Mara will travel north, Nick, Gweryn and Luna will journey to The Well of Dragons. There are preparations to be made and much work to be done…


farrellt83 Sarah62442

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