Tyranny of Dragons - The Rise of Tiamat

While the Cleric's Away

Session 4

The group arrive in Mirabar. Mara sees a group of people she recognises (and who recognise her) so she takes her leave to have a conversation with them, saying she will be alright and will return in due course. The rest of the team find lodgings for the night and share a glass of Neverwinter brandy to celebrate the success on the waterways. Balasar and Myfariel take their leave and retire whilst Willow and Janis continue to drink and Bartok indulges in a little nocturnal skullduggery. The following morning, there is still no sign of Mara although she Messages to say she is safe and will be back soon. A young lad approaches the group and says ‘The Book Lady wants to see you’ at the local temple. When the group arrive, The Book Lady seems to know a lot about the different members. She says there is a tome located in the chambers beneath the temple which needs to be retrieved and may aid us in our quest. All apart from Janis go to the passages below the temple and find an entrance to the chambers. In one room, there is a pedestal with a book on it. There are also two creatures (later discovered to be Mindflayers) who also want the book. They are despatched by the group and the book retrieved. However, on our way out of the passages, several of the Axes of Mirabar (the local police) stop the group. Despite their best attempts, Bartok, Balasar, Myfariel and Willow are arrested and put into separate cells.


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